Reno’s Divorce History Captured on New Website by University of Nevada

Reno's divorce history

Hotel sign in Reno, Nevada, circa 1940. (Photo by Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images from )

Reno’s divorce history is now captured on one website thanks to researchers and historians at the University of Nevada, Special Collections.

Responsible for the ambitious site titled Illuminating Reno’s Divorce Industry, are Donnelyn Curtis, head of Special Collections; Mella Harmon, Reno divorce historian; and Alicia Barber, Reno historian. 

The website covers Reno’s divorce history in six themes: Law of the Land, Passing the Time, Temporary Residence, The Rich and Famous, Out of the Public Eye, and Divorce in Popular Culture. There are hundreds of photographs (many from The Divorce Seekers – A Photo Memoir of a Nevada Dude Wrangler by William and Sandra McGee) and illustrations, and scanned stories from newspapers and periodicals.

In short, the Illuminating Reno’s Divorce History is one-stop shopping for anything you’d want to research and know about Nevada’s divorce history.


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