From the writing team of William L. McGee and Sandra V. McGee…

“The images in The Divorce Seekers – with their smoky, black-and-white, retro allure – are what brought the time and place alive for me so I could bring my characters to life in my novel … The book is a treasure if only for the photos alone.”
Deb Caletti, bestselling author of the divorce ranch novel, The Secrets She Keeps


“Enough gripping drama, heroism, and heartbreak in
The Solomons Campaigns to supply Hollywood with material for a century.”
– Marine Corps League Magazine


The Divorce Seekers is the ‘bible’ of Reno divorce ranch lore.”
– Judd Pillot, writer/producer

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World War II in the Pacific

Post-WWII Atomic Bomb Tests at Bikini 1946 

The Divorce Seekers – The Intimate Story of a Nevada Divorce Ranch Wrangler

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