Bill McGee and Sandra McGee are a husband/wife writing duo, and claim they seldom disagree. They each have a favorite saying about writing:


Bill McGee: “To anyone who has ever considered writing, there is only one way—ass in seat.” 

Sandra McGee: “The strongest drive is neither love nor hate; it is the urge to edit another’s copy.” 

Publicity photo of author William L. McGeeBill McGee is an award-winning World War II military historian. His writing career has spanned six decades. He’s written twenty-two nonfiction books, all in his signature writing style described as spare, straightforward, journalistic, and “as precise and economical as a Mickey Spillane novel.” (Marine Corps League Magazine)

The ideas for Bill’s books came from his life and the history of which he was a part.

In the words of Barnaby Conrad, founder of the Santa Barbara Writers Conference:

Bill McGee is no armchair historian … He’s lived what he writes about whether it’s joining the Navy in ’42 at age seventeen simply to get into the fight, or cowboying in the West in the postwar ’40s, or working in broadcasting in the early days of 1950s and ’60s television.”

Sadly, Bill passed away on October 30, 2019. Read more about Bill in Sandra’s tribute: The Last Roundup – Remembering Bill McGee

Publicity photo of author Sandra V. McGee.

Sandra McGee’s writing career began in the 1990s as a publicist for the performing arts. In 2000, she joined forces with Bill and they co-authored seven books.

Charles Champlin, the late film critic and arts editor of The Los Angeles Times, wrote:

Though too young to have experienced an era firsthand, Sandra McGee immerses herself in the subject and captures in her writing the essence of the time.”

Read more about Sandra at Sandra McGee, The Reluctant Writer



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