Roundup Magazine Obituary for Bill McGee

My Latest for Roundup, Magazine of Western Writers of America, Feb 2020

  Thank you, Johnny D. Boggs, Editor, for including Bill’s obituary in ROUNDUP, MAGAZINE OF WESTERN WRITERS OF AMERICA (February 2020) ________ Click on the link below to read… “Wrangler, writer Bill McGee was genuine cowboy” by Sandra V. McGee for Roundup, Feb 2020   More Feature Stories by Sandra V. McGee    

Divorce ranches

Reno’s Divorce History Captured on New Website by University of Nevada

Reno’s divorce history is now captured on one website thanks to researchers and historians at the University of Nevada, Special Collections. Responsible for the ambitious site titled Illuminating Reno’s Divorce Industry, are Donnelyn Curtis, head of Special Collections; Mella Harmon, Reno divorce historian; and Alicia Barber, Reno historian.  The website covers Reno’s divorce history in…

"The Six-Week Cure" for Bust Magazine

“The Six-Week Cure” by Priya Jain for BUST Magazine

  The Reno divorce ranch era gets the attention of the younger generation in BUST Magazine. “The Six-Week Cure” by Priya Jain (BUST Magazine, December/January 2010) when Reno ‘divorce ranches’ helped unhappily married women start new lives” by Priya Jain   Related Posts “Betty Goes Reno” by Priya Jain for Lily Tuck for Vogue Magazine Feature Stories…