Happy Birthday to Bill McGee on his 94th

Click to view “Reno Memories” – a special, 7-min featurette produced by Cloverland for Twentieth Century Fox to accompany Fox’s 2007 re-release on DVD of their 1939 film Charlie Chan in Reno.  Available in the box set, The Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 4.

Cover of Montana Memoir by William L. McGee

Country music – Three chords and the truth

Sunday, Sept 8 – Bill and I watched “Live at the Ryman”, a concert special celebrating the upcoming 8-part documentary,  Country Music, A Film by Ken Burns.  After two hours listening to one great song after another performed by a stellar line-up of country Western musicians, Bill reminisced about his introduction to country music… “I…

Two Reno Divorce Era “Survivors” – Then and Now

Then. In 1951, the glamorous singer/dancer Marilu Norden registered at the Pyramid Lake Ranch to wait out her six weeks for a “quickie” divorce. The guest ranch was 34 miles north of Reno in Sutcliffe, a location that was remote then and still is today. In 1947, Montana cowboy Bill McGee hired on as head…