Sandra’s Occasional Newsletter – May 2020 “No longer a writer in self-isolation”

Dear May 2020, A quick note to let you know I am no longer a writer in self-isolation. I am an artist-in-residence. – Best, Sandra

For the past six or seven weeks, it’s been a challenge to fill the long days. Even with a writing and book marketing to-do list that could keep me busy for the rest of this year, I’m finding it difficult to focus. In fact, the only writing I’ve done is re-writing my to-do list.

I confess to spending my time as follows

  • Binge-watching Gran Hotel on Netflix
    A Spanish television dramatic series set in a grand hotel in Spain in the early 1900s. I’m not a fan of subtitles, but by Episode 2, I was hooked. The English subtitles are on-screen long enough so the viewer has time to read them and visually appreciate the beautiful period costumes and set designs. The series has been likened to a Spanish version of Downton Abbey. With 66 episodes at 45 minutes per episode, the three-season series clocks in at 49 hours of watching and was a great escape. Take a look at the wonderful vintage photos used in the Intro:  

In conclusion, I’ve no idea what I’ll accomplish in May 2020 – if anything.

Best from Casa McGee,

In case you missed it:
Writers are self-isolationists


7 thoughts on “Sandra’s Occasional Newsletter – May 2020 “No longer a writer in self-isolation”

  1. I am soooo impressed as to how you are ferreting out new ways of enjoying life and making it meaningful.
    I have the same or similar situation at the Redwoods which I would like to share with you. Creativity and a meaningful life are encouraged as is choosing your own way of making life fuitful.
    One day when the nightmare is over perhaps we can set aside some time for verbal palabra! Or better yet, perhaps you would like a visit. It’s not all that far!
    Keep up your hopeful thoughts and great memories!

  2. Dear Sandra, I just finished reading “Bluejacket Odyssey”, a very interesting read and a wealth of information. I believe I met your husband on the Jeremiah O’Brien some years back on one our cruises.
    I have been a docent on the JOB for the last 20 years. I received the book from a friend of mine who was also in the Armed Guard. His widow gave it to me. He was also a docent on the JOB. I was also sorry to read of Bills passing in October. I Followed Bill in the Navy in 1943 at Farragut. I was also in the Armed Guard and traveled on the same types of ships as Bill.

    • Mr. Stokes, Thank you so much for your comment. Interestingly, Bill became a volunteer on the SS Jeremiah O’Brien in 1991. That’s where his interest in his U.S. Navy Armed Guard service in World War II in the Pacific began and eventually led to his writing “Bluejacket Odyssey, 1942-1946”, published in 1997.

  3. Glad you are well, Sandra. I have been painting interior doors and woodwork because it makes me happy to paint. Also walking the two dogs. Gilbert is doing at-home workouts and I am giving myself barre in the living room.

  4. Hi Sandra,
    As always, enjoyed your news, and you gave me some great suggestions for my next readings. The books sound great!
    Bob and I are getting lazier and lazier. We spent a week in St Helena and now are back in Menlo. Tonight is a Zoom Cocktail Party. The good news is we are healthy.
    All the assisted living places down here have some virus cases. The lock downs are making me rethink going to the Vi. There must be a better way.
    Can’t wait til this pandemic is under control so we can meet. Take care and stay healthy,
    Mary Ann

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