Operation Crossroads Archival Film 1946

Shot on location at Bikini in 1946, three declassified films of Operation Crossroads and the Test Able and Test Baker atomic bomb tests.

British Movietone Moment – Bikini Atom Bomb (4:03)


OPERATION CROSSROADS – Able and Baker Day Tests 1946 (26:36)


Project Crossroads – Nuclear Test Film 1946 (42:33)

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3 thoughts on “Operation Crossroads Archival Film 1946

  1. My father was at the Bikini Atoll for Operation Crossroads on board the U.S.S Fall River. He died in 2001 from bladder cancer which his physician indicated was due to a A-Bomb blast. So at 78 with 30 years in the Navy, 21 active and 9 reserve he succumbed to that day in 1946. He wrote a three page memoir of the blasts and it was so frightening just reading about. He serve from 1940 to 1961 and then retired as a Company Commander at North Island in San Diego. He served in Korea also on the U.S.S Noble. He was at D-Day and served on an LD1 landing/assault craft at Omaha Beach. He taught Navel History/Trigonometry and chemical and fire control at the base. He stellar man and sailor. He is greatly missed still.

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