You don’t have to be a celebrity to write your military memoirs

Preserving your military memoirs, or those of a relative, is a priceless gift for your family. But sometimes it takes a checklist to get started.

Author William L. McGeeWith extra time to fill these days, now may be a good time to start organizing, dictating or writing your military memoirs.

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You will learn how to…
Request your Military Service Records.
Create an outline for your memoirs from your Military Service Records.
Decide what to write first.

In 1989, Bill wrote for his U.S. Navy Military Service Records. The information he received triggered memories and questions about his service in the Pacific theater off Guadalcanal in 1943. He began to seek answers to his questions. Nine years later, his first WWII memoir combined with history was published, Bluejacket Odyssey, 1942-1946: Guadalcanal to Bikini.

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