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Bill and Sandra McGee are a husband and wife writing team–and claim they seldom argue.

Their newest release – THE MCGEE CHRONICLES, a series of memoirs for ereaders about Bill’s rags to riches story from growing up poor in Montana during the Great Depression to his cowboyin’ years after the war to his executive years in the world trade business to his successful 32-year career in  broadcasting and to his “retirement years” and the writing of ten more books.

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Bill McGee is no novice when it comes to writing nor is he an armchair historian. He’s lived what he writes about whether it’s joining the Navy in ’42 at age seventeen simply to get in the fight, or cowboyin’ in the West in the post-war ’40s, or working in broadcasting in the early days of 1950s and ’60s television.”

Barnaby Conrad, Author, Matador

“Though Sandra McGee is too young to have experienced firsthand the heyday of the Reno six-week divorce era, she captures in her writing the divorce and dude ranch culture that seems now like part of a bygone culture—a past more colorful than the present (but most everything is these days).”

Charles Champlin, former film critic and arts editor, Los Angeles Times

Photo Joanne A. Calitri International
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