The McGee Chronicles

Chronicles collage

by William L. McGee
as told to Sandra V. McGee
BMC Publications (2014/2015)

THE MCGEE CHRONICLES … A series of memoirs recounting the author’s life and his various careers. Written in his signature straightforward style, Bill McGee’s story is a rags to riches story of a hardscrabble, Depression-era Montana cowboy who, through his own hard work and determination, learned what his strengths were and parlayed them into living the American dream.

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In the Author’s Words: I’m not a celebrity, but I wanted to share my life story and varied careers in hopes of inspiring anyone who—like me—did not pursue a formal education how they can still succeed in business and life with self-education, reading everything they can get their hands on about the career they’re interested in, a plan, and a healthy dose of ‘can do’ entrepreneurship.Bill McGee

Chronicles CowboyinTHE COWBOYIN’ YEARS, 1947-1950 (Book 1) – A fascinating memoir set in the contemporary West. The author recounts his post-war years cowboyin’ and dude wrangling in Yellowstone National Park, Lake Tahoe, and on the exclusive Flying M.E., the legendary Nevada dude and divorce ranch outside of Reno. As Bill McGee says, “The story I’m going to tell you is about three of the best years of my life.” The Cowboyin’ Years is illustrated with 154 photographs and illustrations, many of the photos never before published. The photos and firsthand recollections give the reader an up-close glimpse into the days when Reno was the “Divorce Capital of the World” and the wealthy and famous came out West to Reno for a six-week divorce.  (154 photographs and illustrations)  Download a Free Sample from Amazon

 Chronicles Merchant ManMERCHANT MAN, 1950-1958 (Book 2) – Picking up where The Cowboyin’ Years left off, the author recounts his transition from “Levis and boots to Brooks Brothers suits.” He describes in detail how a chance meeting at a cocktail party with an automobile executive led to a successful career in sales and selling. In eight years, the author rose to become a top-level executive in the exports and imports business. This business memoir is sure to inspire anyone with an entrepreneurial bent. (21 photographs and illustrations) Download a Free Sample from Amazon


Chronicles BroadcastingTHE BROADCASTING YEARS, 1958-1989 (Book 3) – The author writes about his 32-year career working behind-the-scenes in the exciting and creative worlds of radio and television—from the early days of selling syndicated television programs, to national radio and television station representative, and to television station management for Kaiser Broadcasting and U.S. Communications. In 1971, inspired by Henry J. Kaiser’s sayings—“Problems are only opportunities in work clothes” and “Find a need and fill it”—the young entrepreneur sees an opportunity and need in the broadcasting industry for local sales training. He starts BMC Communications, a nationwide retail sales training and development program designed specifically for the broadcast industry. He writes ten how-to sales guidebooks, plus the best-selling encyclopedic “Changes, Challenges & Opportunities in the New Electronic Media,” and produces film and video sales presentations for station clients coast-to-coast. Thirteen years and 1,000+ radio and television station clients later, McGee sells one of BMC’s most profitable services, CO-OPPORTUNITIES, to a client group broadcaster and retires comfortably at age 59. (108 photographs and illustrations) Download a Free Sample from Amazon   

Chronicles AuthorAUTHOR, PUBLISHER, MARKETING MAN, 1990-2015 (Book 4) – For anyone who is thinking about writing and publishing a book, Author, Publisher, Marketing Man puts the reader in the author’s seat from the initial inspiration and idea stage, to writing, to publishing, and to the most difficult part for most authors – marketing. When Bill McGee retired in 1989 at age 59, he had no intention of writing more books. During his 32-year career in broadcasting, he had written eleven how-to guidebooks for the broadcast industry. But retirement is not for everyone and soon the author finds himself missing the stimulation and challenge of a creative project. In his signature, straightforward, writing style, Bill McGee tells how a newspaper item caught his eye and hooked him on a new career as a World War II military historian. In retirement, McGee writes eleven more books—including Pacific Express, selected to be on the Marine Corps Commandant’s Professional Reading List, and The Divorce Seekers, currently under consideration for a television series. (120 photographs and illustrations) Download a Free Sample from Amazon



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  1. My dad was on LCI(G)347; please send the book of memories of that boat. Thank you very much!

    Bill Reily
    POBox 3
    Berthoud, CO 80513

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