The Broadcasting Years, 1958-1989: Memoir of a Television Pioneer


Scheduled for Release November 2018

Memoir of a Television Pioneer
by William L. McGee with Sandra V. McGee
BMC Publications, 2018
214 pp, 78 B/W photographs & illustrations
Paperback 6″ x 9″, $19.95
Kindle eBook $9.95
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Award-winning television broadcast pioneer, Bill McGee, tells the story of his 32-year career in broadcast sales and marketing. From the early days of 1950s television selling syndicated programs (My Little Margie, Our Miss Brooks, Cannonball, The Four Just Men) – to being on the creative team that put Henry J. Kaiser’s independent UHF station KBHK-TV on the air in San Francisco in 1968 – and to the launch of McGee’s own successful broadcast sales and marketing company, BMC Communications – the author takes the reader into his “Mad Men” world with its creativity, deadlines, too much travel, and many martini lunches.


McGee has been recognized by the broadcasting industry as a “Builder of Broadcasting … who built broadcasting into the greatest medium of mass communication the world has ever known.” He was also recognized as a “Broadcast Pioneer … who has served the great cause of broadcasting since 1958.”

An innovative entrepreneur, with vision, achievement, and dedication, McGee’s entertaining and personal narrative is written in his signature straightforward and journalistic style.

“I’m not a celebrity, but I wanted to write this memoir in hopes of inspiring anyone who, like me, did not pursue a formal education with how they can still succeed in the career of their choice.”—Bill McGee

William L. McGee’s writing career has spanned six decades. He has written 22 books – nine of them with his co-author/wife Sandra V. McGee.


Praise from Beta Readers

“Bill McGee revolutionized electronic media sales. His creative approach, focusing on retail sales cycles and local sales promotions using co-op dollars to switch a portion of the retailer’s newspaper ad budget to broadcasting, was a paradigm shift. Today, many of those same techniques are used in large and small markets. I will forever be indebted to Bill McGee, a gifted writer and my mentor. Great insights into broadcasting syndication and sales during the early years.”
– Elaine Clark, beta reader and former General Manager of Revenue Development Systems, Emmis Communications

“What is apparent when you read this unique business biography is the author’s intellect that guided him to choose broadcasting, and gave him understanding and leadership skills that ultimately led him to start and run a successful marketing business. Better yet, he understood how to balance hard work with his passions for traveling and the great outdoors. As someone who spent a long career in advertising, I was asked by the author to review this book. I highly recommend it for anyone considering a career in communications or business in general. It gives you a good understanding of the ups and downs of both business and life.”
– Joel S., beta reader

“A must read by spouses whose spouse was or is in the broadcasting business. My limited knowledge of this business increased a thousand fold after reading this fascinating memoir. An easy read that leaves me asking for more.”
– Sally Corr, beta reader

“An engaging history of a man’s business journey from the cowboy country of the great American west and the early days of black and white TV to the new electronic media -cable TV, direct broadcast satellite, pay TV, and home computers. I was particularly impressed with the level of historical detail and humorous presentation as the author tells the story of building his own company – Broadcast Marketing Company – from starting in his apartment to a successful nationwide broadcasting consulting business. This story should be required reading on the subject of entrepreneurship in business schools”
– Jane Z., beta reader