How I Learned to Sell and Make Deals, 1950-1958 (Coming soon)

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How I Learned to Sell and Make Deals
Memoir of a Merchant Man, 1950-1958

by William L. McGee with Sandra V. McGee

From the back cover…

Bill, do you know you could make more money in a month selling cars than I bet you make in a year of cowboying?”

In his fifth memoir, award-winning author William L. McGee recounts the unexpected sequence of events which took him from cowboying in the West to the upper echelons of the 1950s world trade business. Or as he likes to say… from Levis and boots to Brooks Brothers suits.

In 1950, on a visit to his new bride’s hometown in the east for the holidays, McGee accepts a job selling Willys Jeeps. He discovers he has a natural talent for sales and deal-making – and he likes it. He makes the decision to leave cowboying and ranching, and he never looks back.

As someone once said, life happens when you’re making other plans…