What’s a Short Snorter? – Operation Crossroads 75 Years Ago

Operation Crossroads 75th Anniversary Short Snorter

Bill McGee’s Short Snorter, front (above) and back (below), 1946

Aboard the USS Fall River (CA-131), Bikini Lagoon, Jul 1946 – Tradition was if you signed a shipmate’s Short Snorter and met up with them later on in civilian life, if they couldn’t produce the Short Snorter you had signed, they owed you a drink.

Aboard the Fall River, our Short Snorters looked like a dollar bill. They were designed specially for Operation Crossroads and included the words “Bikini”, “JTF-ONE”, “Atomic”, and “Crossroads”.  

The Short Snorter tradition began with Alaskan bush pilots, who would have no more than a “short snort” before taking off. 1-5. ShortSnorter - side1

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