THE THREAD continues with Episode 2, “The Playboy Mystique” – Hugh Hefner

THE PLAYBOY MYSTIQUE… Riding the wave of the sexual revolution of the 1950s and 1960s, Hugh Hefner created a male fantasy world in the pages of his Playboy magazine, one that would have lasting consequences for American life and culture. Behind closed doors, however, Hefner’s life in the celebrated Playboy mansion was rather different than the sophisticated one portrayed in his magazine.

(How in the world are Bill and I going to fit into Episode 4?)



Sean Braswell, Host of THE THREAD on


WHAT IS “THE THREAD”? Every Monday, beginning March 12, a new episode of six podcasts will air… Each episode unravels the story behind important lives and events in history and how one thread leads to another. Host Sean Braswell, also researcher/writer of “The Thread”, presents his material in a style that flows easily and can become addictive.



One thought on “THE THREAD continues with Episode 2, “The Playboy Mystique” – Hugh Hefner

  1. Interesting “The Playboy Mystique” podcast. I remember well the Playboy Club in S.F. in the 60’s … and don’t even recall being intimidated (with my date) with all those cutie cottontails hoppin’ around! 😊🐇 I especially, of course, look forward to Episode 4 featuring the two of you! I suspect it will be all about those “Divorce Seekers!” Meanwhile … hope all is going well for the both of you?
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