THE THREAD, Season 2, launches with Episode 1, “Of Ms. and Men”, Gloria Steinem


Sean Braswell, Host of THE THREAD on

SEASON 2 OF “THE THREAD” launched on Monday, March 12, with Episode 1, “Of Ms. and Men”, about Gloria Steinem. Every Monday for the next 6 weeks, a new podcast (episode) will air, each one unravelling the story behind important lives and events in history and how one thread leads to another. Host Sean Braswell, also researcher/writer of “The Thread”, presents his material in a style that flows easily and can become addictive.

Bill and I will be in Episode 4 on Monday, April 2… Though we have a hunch how we’re going to fit into this season’s thread of stories, we’ve promised not to tell.

Begin this season’s journey with Episode 1… LISTEN NOW


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