In the Chute

15b Bill piggin' string

Bill McGee on Zorro, rope and piggin’ string ready, prepares to give the chute operator (far right) the nod. Photo taken on the Flying M.E. Dude Ranch, Washoe Valley, Nevada, 1947

Bill and I took some time off after the summer release of Operation Crossroads – Lest We Forget! to reorganize the office for the next phase of writing and marketing for our small indie press business. But first, we want to thank each of you who followed us, purchased, commented, reviewed – or did all four – for the new book. Just last week it was selected by Publishers Weekly for review in their prestigious publication … a review process that started last April. Fingers crossed on this one.

I decided to use a Western expression for the title of this blog post because our next book “in-the-chute” is slated to be a print edition of The Cowboyin’ Years, 1947-1950. Readers love the vintage photos and a print edition makes sense. (The Kindle Edition was published in 2014 and is available on Amazon.)

In the meantime, we’ll keep posting about Operation Crossroads and we’ll set the stage for the 75th anniversary of the Battle for Guadalcanal coming up in 2017.

I couldn’t decide what visual to use for this post, so I pulled out one of my favorite photos from Bill’s calf roping days in Nevada. -Sandra


4 thoughts on “In the Chute

  1. As a teenager, I had the unique experience of working at the famous Flying M.E. dude ranch near Reno. It was the premier dude/divorce ranch of that era. Guests included Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, Eleanor Roosevelt and many others. Bill McGee is the real deal. His life story reads like a Michener novel. If you haven’t read his account as the wrangler at the Flying M.E. – THE DIVORCE SEEKERS: A PHOTO MEMOIR OF A NEVADA DUDE WRANGLER – what are you waiting for? I can’t wait for Bill’s and Sandra’s “Out of the Chute”.
    Len Hoskins

  2. Right on! A reminder of our exceptional past. Unlike any other history in our world. A refreshing reminder indeed!

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