2 thoughts on “Countdown at Crossroads – Lessons Learned

  1. I’m a veteran of the Radiological Safety Group of Operations CrossRoads. No cancer. I steamed under the Able downwind cloud for severall days and patrolled the Baker lagoon with a geiger counter. My brother-in law was the late Clarence Larson, Lawrence’s chemist, President of Union Carbide Nuclear, Director of Oak Ridge, and, finally, Commissioner of the AEC. He showed me AEC documents that advocated Hormesis, the positive affect of low levels of ionizing radiation, He claimed that residents of northern latitudes, with higher cosmic ray bombardment, Navy nuclear ship construction workers, and Japanese survivors of initial blasts live longer. The AEC has officially denied the phenomenon. Ive stopped following the controversy. In any event, radiological damage trom Crossroads must have varied considerably.
    The Navy shed itself quickly of its self made danger, but the army made serious errors in exposing GI’s to the Nevada tests.
    In any event, sweeping fatality claims seem unsubstantiated.
    Dean Warren

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