Countdown at Crossroads – Test Baker and NBC Radio live broadcast, 25 July 1946, Post 17/20

Bikini Lagoon, 25 July 1946, Test Baker Day – Millions of people around the world waited anxiously by their radios for the results of the second postwar atomic bomb test code-named Test Baker.

At 0835 on 25 July by the Bikini calendar (24 July in New York), the Baker bomb was detonated underwater in the Bikini Lagoon and NBC Radio in the Pacific broadcast the event live.

When the results came in, the Baker blast was far more dramatic than the Able blast and did far more damage. As someone said, visible to observers were the damage and destruction to the target vessels… but invisible were the effects of the bomb’s poisonous radiation.

5. Baker - Condensation cloud

“… The spectacularly beautiful dome of water, steam, spray and gas reached up and outward with awful suddenness.” – Hanson W. Baldwin, aboard the press ship USS Appalachian. By Wireless to The New York Times, July 26, 1946


The voice on the NBC Radio broadcast, Don Mozley (left). Years later, Don Mozley was the narrator on my book, Learning To Cope With Sight Loss. (Photo taken at Command Productions, Sausalito, CA, December 2009)

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