Countdown at Crossroads – Test Baker minus 1, 24 July 1946, Post 16/20

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Graphic from the Chicago Tribune, 22 July 1946.

Bikini Atoll, 24 July 1946, Test Baker minus 1 – The mood was tense as all personnel assembled at Bikini – military, scientists, media, political, and world leaders – were focused on getting ready for tomorrow’s Test Baker. The underwater explosion was expected to be a bigger blast and cause more damage than the aerial explosion of Test Able on 1 July. By day’s end, all target vessels were moored into position and all support ships began to stand out one by one. Baker would be an early morning blast and sleep was  hard to come by the night before … no one knew what to expect.

-Bill McGee

(Excerpted from Operation Crossroads – Lest We Forget! by William L. McGee.)

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